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My Name Is Sean, and I have something to admit to you. It’s not easy. It is something I’ve been grappling with for a long time… I am a pro wrestling fan. I know, go ahead and laugh, it’s fake after all. Right? You know, I went to a wrestling show a few months ago and I realized just how special it is to be at one of those events live. I was at a Ring Of Honor show. The crowd all partaking in the artistry and the spectacle, and the athleticism is awe-inspiring. Professional wrestling is really a modern-day pantomime. There are bad guys and good guys the crowds cheer for (although sometimes people who think they’re really cool cheer for the bad guys).

Ring OF HONOR- War of the Worlds!

As I was sitting watching this beautiful combination of grace and violence, I realized once again how committed the performers are to their craft. In the simplest terms, professional wrestling is a series of planned falls and choreographed events designed to tell a coherent story over the length of a match.

I’ve heard many people say things like, “It can’t hurt that badly. They’re basically on a trampoline, right?” In reality, there’s very little padding in a professional wrestling ring. Their commitment to their craft is impressive, and if done correctly, they can take the crowd on a roller coaster ride of emotions that’s two hours long. Someone once said, “Wrestling isn’t wrestling.” What they meant was that wrestling is drama, intrigue, adrenaline, comedy, storytelling and so much more. When it’s executed correctly, the audience will experience a one in a lifetime phenomenon when all the elements come together and they feel lucky to have experienced the alchemy that’s taken place.

At intermission everyone spends money that the don't have

When I left Ted Reeve arena that night, there was a buzz in the air surrounding the night’s events. Hundreds of people were all experiencing something together. One thing that makes wrestling so special is that it is a niche hobby and it feels rather exclusive. I think there is a sense of joy in being misunderstood and being “the guy who likes fake wrestling”

Ring of honor wrestler Tenille Dashwood.

I’m Sean Towgood and I am a professional wrestling fan. Make sure you check back next week to hear what it’s like to start writing a screenplay without any idea what you’re doing.

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