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Restart Checkpoint.

It’s no secret, that I love video games. I like playing video games, I like talking about video games, I like everything about them. Having a disability, sometimes, you have to be creative about how you play a game. For example, for me, I control everything with my controller on my lap and use one hand for all of the buttons. Accessibility up until recently has been very much an after thought for video game developers. There are many games that I have wanted to play that I’ve had to spend many more hours than the average player just getting through some of the more complex levels. You can imagine how difficult it is to complete story missions near the end of the game when the games difficulties and use of complex mechanics are at their peaks. There are some games known to be super difficult by using the most skilled gamers. Those are the games that I reluctantly avoid.

Recently, Sony and Microsoft have made it so that you can switch button configurations within system settings so that you don’t have to rely on preset controller layouts making it much easier to adapt the buttons to your preferences and ability. Microsoft has recently come out with a disability friendly accessible controller where all the buttons can be mapped to whatever configuration that the player requires. Gaming should be accessible and available for everyone to enjoy. Let me know what your gaming experiences are like. Hit me up on Twitter at TowgoodTalks and Instagram at towgood_talks. Happy gaming!

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