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So You Want To Be Writer?

So, you want to be a writer. But you’ve never written anything before. What do you do? Well, there are four central things you need to have before you start writing. 1) a generous serving of coffee.

The FUEL Of creativity

2) your playlist to write to.

Block it all out

(some people don’t have this step, but I find that it helps me focus when writing) and 3) The third and final key ingredient, saving the best for last: an idea that speaks to you.

Once the lightbulb comes on keep going!

For me, that idea came when I realized that there wasn’t very much representation of people like me on television. So, I endeavoured to write a sitcom about an average adult with cerebral palsy.

I don’t start writing until I have at least fleshed out one concrete scene or event in my mind. Best case scenario, I also like to have the end in my mind as well, so that way I’m not blocked on how to start and where I want to get to with the story. Now, I can hear what you’re saying – “But Sean, I’m not any good at writing. It’s going to suck.” Every writer goes through this. First of all, you can’t be good if you don’t even start, and second, as with any skill, it takes practice, practice, practice.

Anyway, no writing is any good when you first do it. That’s why revision is key. I would say a project is only ready to be given to the world after a minimum of three drafts and that’s a generous estimate. For me, though, I can’t say that I’m happy with something until after about five drafts. When it is ready to be shared, share it with people that you trust. Remember, not all feedback is helpful. Be mindful of which feedback you choose to take. Sometimes one person’s feedback will conflict with another’s, as well as conflicting with your overall vision for the project. Stay clear on the things that you believe are best for the project. Remember that those will be developed throughout the drafts.

One thing that can make your life easier is some good writing software. I use

Final Draft for the ease of formatting. It is absolutely worth the investment because it makes your life so much easier. I don’t know how I used to write without it.

The worst mistake I make as a writer is being paralyzed by the editor in my head. That’s the inner voice that is telling you that what you’re writing isn’t any good before you write it. The best approach, I find, and this may be frustrating, is to just Write It Down. Then worry about the finer details later. Remember what I said about revisions. Start with just getting your ideas down, and then shape and fine tune from there. As much as I talk about revisions, one always has to be careful of doing too much tinkering. That is when outside feedback could be helpful. Ask people to read it out loud or read it to them so you can hear what the piece really is.

Check out my youtube video over on to see which software I write my scripts with. You can also follow me on facebook at Towgood Talks, Instagram at @towgood_talks or Twitter: @towgoodtalks, to follow my writing journey, and subscribe to me on youtube at Towgood Talks

Happy writing!

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